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JSC "Mogilevdrev" have more than 1000 worker and specialists. Enterprise specializes on making of furniture from a file of a pine and joiner’s products. Our enterprise offers consumers the furniture made on technology and on the equipment of Italian firm "Trimak".

JSC "Mogilevdrev" offers:

A wide range of single, double and two-story beds

Lockers, wardrobes and cabinets

Writing tables , computer tables and wine racks

shelfs and kitchen furniture

Painted board from a file of a pine

Ready-made window and balcony blocks (glass+single glazed unit) with half-wings and small wing

Internal and entrance painted door blocks of a panel board design

Internal door blocks of a panelised design with baffle

Door blocks of a panelised design without baffle with a 45x94 mm case (door blocks of a panelised design are made with furnish and toning).

JSC "Mogilevdrev" is the constant participant of exhibitions and fairs. JSC "Mogilevdrev" delivers furniture both across Belarus, and to Russia. More than 50 % of made furniture are exported to the countries of far abroad. The furniture of our manufacture is known in Denmark, the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Czech, Belgium.

The enterprise constantly works above development of new kinds of production, expansion of assortment and improvement of quality. In Open Society " Могилевдрев " use the best efforts to not disappoint consumers, and are ready to perspective mutually advantageous cooperation.

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